We are specialty coffee importers. Our mission is to find, support, and deliver exceptional green coffee to our customers. At the present, our primary focus is Kenya, where we collaborate with coffee growers, cooperatives, mills, and logistics hubs to provide high-quality, traceable green coffee to roasters. Our objective is to progressively introduce new origins over the coming harvest seasons.

The Right Start

As founders, our family roots originated in the coffee belt of central Kenya, and with the benefit of a permanent presence in the country it gives us an unrivalled opportunity to work with coffee farmers to build lasting, meaningful relationships.

Our purpose is to act as a bridge and connect rural smallholder producers with fast moving consumer markets in the UK and beyond. For farmers, this means we provide access and support to working capital, agronomy training, market access and logistics to help support a sustainable future. For our coffee roasting clients, we provide deep origin knowledge, market intelligence, consistency in quality and traceability.



Rightbean’s central commitment is quality; we only select coffees that we consider are exceptional, and we cup them regularly in our sample lab to assure consistency. Read more about our quality process in our FAQ section.


Sustainability and Fairness

We are dedicated to fairness and sustainability, as such we always buy our specialty coffee at a fixed premium from producers, treating them as valued long-term partners.



We are invested in long term relationships with our origin partners to ensure coffee chain transparency and also with coffee roasters, where we collaborate closely to support their sustainability & business goals.

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