Hello! Here is the weekly market report covering Monday 21 February – Friday 25 February 2022 for coffee futures.


  • Markets drop on escalating geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine
  • Brazilian Real strengthens against the Dollar, indicating a potential short-term supply constraint

Arabica Futures Chart (NY)

Arabica futures opened the week up at 244.45 c/lb before rising modestly the following day to trade at 247.35 c/lb. The market then encountered a heavy degree of selling pressure by mid-week and saw sustained losses to close at 236.60 c/lb.

Robusta Futures Chart (Lon)

Robusta opened the week down at 2251 $/MT, and quickly attracted strong selling pressure, after a firmer Tuesday to see the market move in a softer direction for the remainder of the week to close at 2157 $/MT, the lowest since mid-November 2021.


As the week progressed, both the ICE New York and London markets traded down after coming under severe selling pressure during week, in part pressured by long liquidation selling to accentuate the losses for the week, but mainly in response to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, that signalled a selloff in the commodities markets. The week ended with the US Dollar falling slightly, and trading lower at 1.342 Sterling, 1.12 for the Euro, and 5.123 for the Brazilian Real. The strengthening of the Real may indicate a short-term slowdown of exports from the largest coffee producing country.

You can read more about this week’s fundamentals moving the market in our weekly Coffee Origin Weekly Digest here.

Published February 27, 2022
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