Discover Our Coffee Origins

We believe in purchasing high-quality coffee at fair prices, negotiated directly with the supplier wherever possible, this allows us to champion values we believe in, such as fair & timely payment for producers and traceability. We always follow this sustainable approach to sourcing green coffee.​

Sourcing coffee the right way

Our sourcing strategy begins with the coffee itself. We search out the highest-grade beans and expect to pay a premium for them. When we identify a coffee we like, we establish a long-term connection with the producer in order to create a dependable supply chain in the future, away from the volatility of the commodities market.​

Because we focus attention on a few select coffee sources and due to our start-up size, we are agile enough to work hand in hand with roasters and producers to provide the exact profiles that meet our clients needs.


The country's we work in


Kenya produces outstanding Specialty Coffee with complex flavors brimming with ample base sweetness to berry-toned tangs. Brilliant acidity adds crispness to the cup. Expect distinct floral notes that are richly flavored and fragrant in aroma. Coffee enthusiasts often refer to Kenyan coffee as the "Connoisseur's Cup"​.