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Purchasing Green Coffee

Visit and register to set up a trade account with us. Once our trade team contact you to set up your account, you’ll quickly be able to see all of our spot and soon to arrive coffees.

Once you have decided which green coffee you would like from our offer list, our trade team can quickly assist with helping you purchasing. Contact or call +44 20 3239 8334.

Absolutely. All our samples are free, and you can request these easily via your trade account. Simply navigate to our offer list and you will see an option to order a sample.

We offer Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade coffees, all with the appropriate certifications.

We do not have a minimum order quantity; you can order as little as a single bag (30kg/ 60kg) to start with.

We currently import coffee from Kenya. Rightbean Coffee Trading have a longstanding history in the country, including an office and relationships with coffee growers, co-operatives and the auction house. Our aim is to add more origins to our offer list as we grow.

We are currently focussed on the UK market and store our coffee at Vollers UK, Bury St. Edmunds.

You can find more about where we source our speciality coffee from if you visit our Discover our Coffee Origins page and our Find Coffee page.

Currently we accept payment in GBP Sterling.

If you are a new customer, we require payment before your coffee order is released to you. Credit terms can be available to long term customers.

We accept payment via bank (wire) transfer.

Coffee Logistics

We typically work on a 5-business day delivery schedule in the UK.

We can arrange delivery at an additional cost, which will be added to your invoice.

This is when we make coffee available to you at our warehouse, for you to collect. Responsibility of all goods becomes yours once they are collected from the warehouse.

We typically use standard Euro pallets.

10 bags (60kg) can fit on a Euro pallet.

Yes, our trade team will provide this to you once payment has been received and confirmed.

Quality Control

Our customers can be assured our coffee is tested in a professional and controlled environment. We use an SCA certified coffee tasting facility at origin in Nairobi to check all our coffee samples before organising shipment. Our quality team includes Q-grading and Q-processing professionals and Sensory skills professionals.

We quality check our coffees pre-shipment, and typically also re-cup spot samples to check consistent quality. The process has six stages.

Size: using screens we measure the size of the coffee beans to confirm they are accurate.

Moisture: we check the moisture levels with a Grainpro Moisture Meter to ensure moisture is within the correct tolerance.

Appearance: we confirm the appearance of weighed samples (colour and texture), with each bean checked for defects. Any defects are noted and checked against the contracted allowance.

Roasting: We roast on Probat sample roasters. The beans are roasted the day before the cupping session, to allow the bean to rest after roasting.

Cupping: The next morning the cupping is set up, with five cups per batch, to better detect possible defects and irregularities. We re-roast and re-cup samples that seem to be under- or overdeveloped.

Feedback: After blind cupping, we provide feedback to the producer to reinforce quality remains consistent for each new batch.