There is a distinct geographic separation between coffee producing countries and key coffee consuming markets around the world. This is even more pronounced with specialty coffee. At its very essence, the role of a green coffee importer bridges this physical divide by connecting growers with coffee drinkers globally. But peel away the parchment and it’s so much more.

Championing Specialty Coffee

The journey a coffee bean takes from farm to cup is complex, because every coffee-growing region has different challenges, making each situation unique. Many coffee drinkers confuse commodity coffee with specialty coffee, identifying the difference is the duty of the importer. Our responsibility is to source and promote genuine specialty coffee for its superior character, taste, and attributes. We do this by finding and supporting growers who share the same philosophy of exceptional coffee as us.

Championing Specialty Coffee


Finding the right coffee takes experience. Understanding the physical terrain means we are always travelling and forging new and lasting partnerships with coffee growers, cooperatives, and other coffee professionals. We also deal directly with logistics and shipping firms to ensure the seamless movement of your coffee.



Purchasing and moving containers of specialty green coffee means dealing with many macro risk factors that could jeopardise each shipment, such as weather patterns, geo-political events, container shortages and rising fuel costs. This is where we step in, we finance and handle all this expertly and give you the option to spread the cost and delivery of your coffee to align with your commercial goals.


Quality control

Quality checking runs through everything we do. We work with qualified Q-graders and sensory specialists at origin to ensure each batch meets quality thresholds that are expected of specialty coffee. We cup each batch several times so we can assure consistency, this means checking moisture levels, green grading, assessing screen size and cup scores. Read more about this process in our FAQs .


Storage & Delivery

We work directly with coffee warehousing firms to safely store your green coffee. At present, we warehouse our coffee at Bury St. Edmunds, close to the port of Felixstowe. We are committed to the principles of fairness and transparency, as such we never upcharge on these costs.


Special Projects

We have a vested interest in promoting sustainable projects that make a real difference in the lives of coffee growing communities in the regions we work in. We want to promote the specialty coffee industry as a genuine and worthwhile endeavour to younger generations out there.


Education and Insights

We provide authoritative Origin deep dives, traceability data and market intelligence reports to coffee roasters, equipping them with the real-world stories of producers they need to be successful. We are also in direct contact with growers where we assist in projects and education initiatives to promote growth initiatives.

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