Return Policy

Return and Refund Policy

Rightbean Coffee Trading strives to always provide the highest level of service and satisfaction. That said, we recognise in very rare occasions problems can arise from factors outside of our control and have provided the necessary steps below to assist our clients.

  1. When your coffee delivery arrives, always carefully check the number of pallets, the number of bags, the bag markings, and the condition before you sign off any document from the truck driver. Ask the driver for a copy of the document.
  2. If you see any issues, take clear pictures of the pallet and seal, packaging the product itself, and the bag marks.
  3. If you want to make a claim, please make sure to notify within 48-hours after delivery. When making your claim please submit the following information:
    • Your contact details, including a phone number
    • Description of the issue
    • The batch number and logistic reference of the coffee
    • The delivery date of the coffee batch
  4. We will thoroughly investigate your claim, and if we determine fault lies with us, we will acknowledge responsibility and where appropriate provide a remedy (credit note/ alternative coffee).
  5. If appropriate we sometimes request for the coffee to be returned, only if the package or bags are unopened, alternatively we may ask you to destroy the product and ask for proof of destruction.

Please note, if the claim is related to a food safety issue, then please call us immediately on +44 20 3239 8334 or email we will take appropriate action to block that batch until we can conclude a thorough investigation at origin and warehouse level. Please make sure that the affected batch is not presented to consumers.